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COVID-19 Open Tournament Fundraiser Instructions

Cole Frutos and The Jesuit Dallas Chess Club hosted an online open chess tournament fundraiser on May 9th to support local community efforts to fight the negative impacts of COVID-19. The tournament was a huge success thanks to the tournament's 32 participants, the Jesuit Chess Club and Jesuit's faculty and staff.  The tournament raised almost $700 to support Minnie’s Food Pantry, a non-profit organization feeding over 5,000 people monthly. Minnie’s Food Pantry has seen a 39% increase in the number of people needing assistance, while its shelves are going bare.​


Congratulations to Cole Frutos ’23 for winning the tournament. Cole went undefeated through five rounds to become the new #1 chess player at Jesuit, followed by #2 Angel Guevara '22 and #3 Spencer Jewesson '23.

Chess Moves

COVID-19 Fundraiser and Online Blitz Tournament

With COVID-19 affecting many lives globally, Chess Moves hosted an online chess tournament in April to raise funds to support local community efforts to fight the negative impacts of COVID-19. The tournament was on in the Frutos Brothers Chess Moves Club.  It was a huge success. Our fundraising efforts against COVID-19 are still underway so please donate​.


Thanks to our many donors and supporters--it is special to see the chess community make its move against COVID-19! Chess Moves would like to specially thank the Texas Chess Association not only for its help with this fundraiser but for what it does for chess in Texas.  Also a big thanks to Tom Crane, GM Babakuli Annakov, GM Jeffery Xiong and IM Keaton Kiewra.  All of your support means so much to us and the DFW area.

As we at Chess Moves like to say . . .it's your Move . . .

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak many chess clubs are not holding in person tournaments, but some are holding online tournaments.


Dallas Chess Club

  • none


Arlington Chess Club

  • No live tournaments but offering online tournaments.

Tarrant County Chess Club

  • none

United States Chess Federation

  • None, check the USCF website for developments



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