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Newsletter:  The Bimonthly Blitz

Welcome to The Bimonthly Blitz, a bimonthly newsletter created by Chess Moves for the benefit of the Dallas Chess Club (DCC), its members and other chess enthusiasts.  The newsletter covers current news about the Dallas Chess Club, its members and other local, state and national chess matters. The Bimonthly Blitz includes dates on upcoming chess events and other noteworthy tournaments, along with a selection of the most important stories from the DCC and other chess related news. The newsletter also includes a column called, Where Are They Now, which features long-standing regularly attending DCC members who have moved away from Dallas to attend college and/or and begin their professional careers and how chess has added to their successes.


If you would like to sign up to receive The Bimonthly Blitz, you can subscribe by completing the information in the box or by sending us an E-mail at


To make the most of this new bimonthly newsletter, your ideas, feedback, content suggestions and article submissions are always welcome and encouraged by E-mailing us at

Issues of The Bimonthly Blitz:

Newsletter Staff

Managing Editor……....Cole Frutos
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