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Chess Moves is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized for charitable and educational purposes.  Chess Moves' mission is to deliver and help others deliver volunteer services and education through chess.  Chess Moves is making moves in the community to bring the game of chess to those looking for a new opportunity to engage their mind, connect with someone on a competitive level, or wanting to learn something new.


Cole Frutos -- Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Chess Moves.  Cole is a four-time Texas State Regional Chess Champion, four-time Texas State Chess Champion, a National Youth Chess Co-Champion and two-time National Blitz Co-Champion. As a Silver Medalist at the Continental Youth Chess Championships in Pocos de Caldas, MG, Brazil, Cole was awarded the prestigious international title of Candidate Master (CM) by the World Chess Federation. Cole is a two-time Qualifier to the US Youth Chess Team, representing the US in the World Youth Chess Championships in Maribor, Slovenia and again two years later in Durban, South Africa.  Because of Cole's Cuban heritage, he, like his brother Chase, took an early liking to Jose Raul Capablanca, World Chess Champion from 1921-1927 and one of the greatest chess players.  Cole was greatly influenced by GM Babakuli Annakov of Russia, FM Keaton Kiewra, and IM Armen Ambartsoumian of Armenia.​ Cole began assisting Mr. Herminio Baez teaching chess at St. Monica in 2016, and is President of the Jesuit Chess Club and, appreciating the benefits of chess, quickly learned the power of giving back and teaching chess to younger kids.  Mr. Baez was involved in the Dallas chess community and was a jovial and fun loving person that spent his time enkindling the joy of chess in Dallas youth for decades.  Mr. Baez passed away unexpectedly in 2018. It is from these experiences that Cole figured out other ways to give back to the community and use chess as a vehicle for doing that and Chess Moves was the move he made.

Chase Frutos -- Co-Founder of Chess Moves.  Chase is a Texas State Regional Chess Champion and three-time Texas State Chess Champion and a National Youth Chess Co-Champion. As a Bronze Medalist at the Continental Youth Chess Championships in Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico, Chase was awarded the prestigious international title of Candidate Master (CM) by the World Chess Federation. Chase was greatly influenced by GM Babakuli Annakov of Russia and FM Keaton Kiewra. Understanding the benefits of chess, Chase wanted to do something to give back to the Dallas Chess Club which had given so much to him and others for so many years.  He started by sprucing up and decorating the club and creating a newsletter to benefit club members and others in the Dallas chess community.


We play chess for many reasons but mainly because it is fun. Chess has allowed us to travel the world and experience new interesting cultures, meet wonderful people from around the world. We recently researched the benefits of chess for our newsletter  and the following lists some of my favorites:

  • Chess improves memory (memory is required to visualize positions during a game)

  • Chess improves creative and analytical thinking (you can come up with strategic plans)

  • Chess improves logical thinking (thinking about what your opponent will play and how to counter it)

Click here to read our article about the benefits of chess. With so many advantages to chess why doesn’t everyone play? Chess is for everyone!